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Goldbrunn is the professional choice for your workshop or laboratory

When it comes to crafting and manufacturing, high-quality industrial equipment is absolutely crucial to making high-quality products that keep your customers. When working with naturally robust metals or delicate materials, having safe, hardwearing tools become even more crucial. With their range of furnaces, crucibles and vacuum drying ovens, Goldbrunn are the experts when it comes to these delicate processes. Whether it’s in the lab, a construction site or a jeweller’s workshop, this trusted brand is ideal for a wide range of professional applications.

Create precious metal crafts without breaking the bank!

At Expondo, we pride ourselves on providing robust, effective and user-friendly equipment for a wide spectrum of industry needs. That’s why we choose Goldbrunn when it comes to the delicate task of working with delicate materials. They provide quality heating, melting and drying devices for professionals, at a cost that is friendly to your budget. Goldbrunn’s range is not only suitable for craft professionals, but also for collectors, laboratories, chemists, pharmaceutical professionals, and repairmen; especially any task that involves melting and manipulating metals such as gold, silver or copper, at a high temperature. The Goldbrunn range of melting furnaces is an industry favourite, and especially loved by jewellery designers. It’s well known that only time can truly test the quality of beautifully crafted jewellery. With a Goldbrunn melting furnace, available in capacities of 1, 2, or 3 kilograms, you can create timeless pieces in gold, silver and copper that are sure to pass that test. Our cheapest melting furnace for 1kg of precious metal is ideal for smaller workshops and even home-enthusiast. This can be paired with the smallest of our melting crucibles, the CAT CAT. Our medium sized melting furnace from Goldbrunn is the CAT CAT, which is perfectly partnered with our 2kg melting crucible. Finally, our 3kg-melting furnace is perfect for professionals with higher productions levels and can be operated using our largest melting crucible model. Regardless of the size you choose, the quality and results are professional.

Each of our Goldbrunn melting furnaces is built to industry standards, rigorously tested for both safety and quality. Made with sturdy, heat-resistant graphite, the furnace reaches a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees, allowing you to work safely with silver, gold or copper. The furnace rapidly reaches your desired temperature, allowing you to work at speed, which can be crucially important while working on delicate designs. The digital controls on our Goldbrunn melting furnaces allow you to choose a temperature to a precision of one degree, taking the ancient craft of jewellery-making well into the 21st century. As well as this, each model is fitted with a pouring spout allowing for maximum ease and safety when pouring molten metals. Select your choice of furnace along with a corresponding crucible, sold separately. Within its compact design, each crucible is protected by layers of heat resistant insulation, preventing heat-loss and making the entire system more energy efficient. The crucible is further encased in thermal isolation grid, to protect it from any unwanted contact with foreign materials and to avoid any risk to the user during production. Goldbrunn also provide a professional range of vacuum drying ovens, ideal in workshops and laboratories for drying materials and substances that are particularly sensitive to heat and oxygen, and especially useful when drying moulds. Our 20L capacity vacuum drying oven is ideal for working with delicate organic materials such as plant extract or even sensitive manmade products like microchips. The combination of gentle warmth and vacuum helps to extract all the moisture from a substance without necessitating extreme heat or air circulation. Of course, the reliable sealant system protects not only the substance but also the user, making it a safe choice for your laboratory or workshop. Whatever your craft, check out the Goldbrunn range today and discover why they are a trusted name chosen by top-level professionals.